11 Ways Abandonment Issues May Appear in Your Life

11 Ways Abandonment Issues May Appear in Your Life

While it is natural for people to feel abandoned when they are left behind by their loved ones. It is also natural for people to be left behind in a relationship when triggered by feelings of abandonment. The feeling of abandonment can be painful and it can take time to recover and heal from those parts of ourselves that limit our ability to thrive in a healthy relationship. The key is recognizing how abandonment issues show up in your life and how to deal with them.  Through careful practice and reflection, you will not only get over the pain but the experience will also help you grow your emotional intelligence as a person.

Abandonment issues consist of continuous feelings of being ignored, neglected, or unwanted. Even when there is no present evidence that warrants these feelings, they can be persistent and difficult to overcome when trying to maintain healthy relationships. It is a common feeling that many people experience and it can lead individuals to feel different forms of rejection, isolation,  and mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

Here are 11 Ways that Abandonment Issues Could Appear in Your Life:

1. Feeling like you are not good enough

2. Fear of rejection or that someone will leave you

3. Anxieties about not being good enough to be accepted

4. Fear of loneliness or the want to isolate yourself from others

5. Lack of awareness of your self-worth or feeling confident in relationships

6. Engagement in self-destructive behaviors that are risky

7. Constant feelings of guilt and shame for past mistakes

8. Overwhelming feelings of inadequacy

9. Shame for not meeting your life expectations or the expectations of others

10. Discomfort in social situations due to fear of rejection or abandonment

11. Anxiety about being left out or abandoned by others


Overcoming Abandonment Issues 

In conclusion, there are a lot of ways to overcome abandonment issues in mental health. There is no effective way, as each person’s circumstances are different based on their background. However, one way is to learn how not to worry about what others want from you. This requires setting boundaries and saying “no.” In this way, when you expect others to reciprocate your efforts, you will take heed to the efforts that they have or have not shown you. Take that time, energy, and effort and place it towards yourself or loved ones who have proven themselves that they are reliable, trustworthy, and genuine.


Another way to break the triggers of abandonment is to develop a passion project. In this way, this will include your passion and creativity towards a task or pursuit that others neglected to provide support in the past. This builds momentum to learn how to rely upon yourself without the interference of preparing yourself for rejection, lack of support, emotional abuse, or other anxieties. The people you thought you needed so desperately for approval or acceptance will not have the large impact they once had on your emotional growth.

Either option, the world is yours to explore. Yes, I am the messenger that there are people who exist that will not trigger abandonment within your life. Furthermore, yes, you are more than capable of overcoming any abandonment issues that have created blockages to holding fulfilling relationships in your life.

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